Beetham C Of E Aided Primary School

Swimming at Beetham CE Primary School

At Beetham we have a clear focus on providing an outstanding swimming provision for all our Primary age children. We are determined that every child is able to swim proficiently and enjoy the water safely. This is of particular importance with the wide access to waterways in our local environment and our commitment to ensuring our children enjoy healthy activities which promote on-going fitness and mental well-being.

The whole school currently attend weekly swimming lessons at 315 Lancaster where they are taught by teachers from the school, swimming coaches and sometimes trainee teachers and volunteers. They are grouped by ability in small groups and assessed regularly.

All children at Beetham exceed the National Curriculum Key Stage awards by the time they complete each Key Stage.

As from 2013 they have been working through the STA swimming programme which has 12 levels (Octopus 1,2,3, Goldfish 1,2,3, Angelfish 1,2,3 and Shark 1,2,3). They have all been assessed at entry onto this scheme and lessons are designed to build up the skills required to achieve each sub-level each term.

In addition to the STA scheme, children will continue to work on stroke technique for Breaststroke, Backstroke, Front Crawl and Butterfly as well as Seal awards (personal survival skills) for KS2. They will have the opportunity to complete distance awards (smaller distances throughout the year and longer distances once a year).

Furthermore, older children in KS2 will all have instruction and practice at practical water safety skills such as reach and throw rescues. “Reach or throw but never go!” They will also learn some basic Water Polo skills and some of the more advanced groups will learn synchronized swimming skills, diving, tumble turns and race starts.

As and when galas for schools are arranged (usually annually), the more advanced swimmers will be given the opportunity to take part.

Our aim is to continue to ensure the highest level of swimming tuition to all children attending Beetham so that they can take an active and safe enjoyment of the environment around them as well as increasing their fitness and health.

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